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Bathroom Repairs and Renovations: Easy PDF  | Print |  E-mail
You've lived with that drippy, dingy bathroom long enough; and now, it's time to repair and renovate.  But, where do you begin taking on a job of such grand proportions?

For most people, bathroom repairs and renovations run beyond a leaky tap or crooked shower curtain.  You might need to go so far as deciding whether to re-glaze your old bathtub, or replace it altogether.  Take a look at the toilet and consider whether it should be replaced, too.  Dated tubs and toilets aside, there is also flooring, lighting, storage, and decorating to think about.

Make a Plan

So, you've decided to take on that bathroom renovation .  Now what?  Most of us are lost when it comes to bathroom improvements.  If you need ideas or advice, the Internet is a great place to start.  Search online and you'll find ideas to design a bathroom floor plan, which is the first step to building the perfect bath.   You'll find product comparisons, prices and how-to advice on cabinets, sinks and everything in between. 

Hire a Contractor

If, after gathering all of the information you decide that it's just too much work, you might decide to hire a contractor who can do the job for you.  The first goal of a contractor is to meet with you and share information about the bathroom repairs and renovation at hand.  He or she will give you the advice and direction you need to help you make informed decisions. 

A good contractor will show you many examples that can get you started on a plan, and will also offer some useful tips on how to solve some of the most common bathroom issues.  For example, you may want stone tile on your bathroom floor, but ceramic would be a better choice for your individual situation.  This is the type of experience and advice that a professional contractor can offer.  In addition to his or her expertise and labor all material costs will also be figured into the final price.

The hardest part of any bathroom repair and renovation is figuring out where to begin.  Your contractor can help by taking you through the procedure, step by step.  You'll answer pertinent questions and the entire plan will be set out before the work begins. 

Finding a Contractor

The Internet offers a wealth of information on bathroom repairs and renovations, including comprehensive listings of professional contractors.  Before you make your final decision, take the time to research the experience and credentials of the potential contractors to make sure you're working with a person that will get the job done right, and at a reasonable price.   Some websites will give you the option of submitting your questions to several contractors, so you can compare their responses and determine which professional will offer the most expertise and value.  Once you have found the right contractor, you can get started on your job. 

When you're ready to repair and renovate your bathroom, make the Internet your first stop for good advice and great service.

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