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Find Your Reward: Federal Grant PDF  | Print |  E-mail
Yearly, through the annual federal budget process, Congress passes laws allocating grant money for distribution among the various government agencies for doing major projects meant to assist a particular public sector or projects that are more or less community-based. These projects may be recommended by the agencies themselves, or by members of the Congress, the President, the states, cities, or average citizens. But, in the end, Congress determines which programs get how much federal grant money.

Upon approval of the federal budget, federal grant money or funds for the projects begin to become available. The programs will then be publicized in the Federal Register throughout the year. Subsequently, they will appear as part of the listings in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance or the CFDA.

If you are looking for a comprehensive resource for federal grant money, you should check out the CFDA website at The site is in fact a database or listing of all grant and assistance programs # presently, there are over 1,420 # administered by the 57 federal agencies of the U.S. federal government.

Searching for federal grant money through the site is completely free, which is more than what you could say for other grant seekers out there who claim to "help" you find grants for a minimal fee. Don't let these people dupe you out of your money. If it's help you want, then why not seek help from the appropriate people and proper places where you may get help in a legitimate way? Looking for federal grant money should be without charge. Besides, if they're claiming to help you find "free money" why would they be charging you for it?
If for whatever reason you can't check the site, don't give up on grants just yet. Most public libraries and college libraries should have copies of current CFDA listings. Simply check with your local public librarian and see if you can get a copy of CFDA federal grant money listing.

As well the CFDA, another great resource for federal grant money is the Weekly Federal Funding Report. Published by the House of Representatives, the journal features recent grant programs approved and allocated funds by Congress.

Furthermore, the Federal Register may also be tapped for current federal grant money available as a Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA).

For other federal grant money resources, research the following:

* The Foundation Center (

The Foundation Center is a nonprofit organization that offers widespread information on non-governmental sources of funding for projects and programs you may have. The organization provides you with very good substitutions to federal grant money.

* Grantsnet (

Maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Grantsnet is a public access computer network for finding and exchanging information about HHS and other federal grant money programs. The site is an excellent source of helpful information on finding, acquiring, and administering federal grant money.

* Non-Profit Gateway (

"A network of links to federal government information and services," the site is a variety of links to agency and department-level information on federal grant money.
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