Dog Care Fundamentals
Thanks to modern veterinary medicine, dogs are now living healthier well through their golden years. Quality dog care provides your pet with a healthier lifestyle, even if they have been affected by environmental and genetic factors.

Smaller dogs have greater life expectancy than the bigger breeds. Actually, a large breed dog is considered senior once they have reached the age of five. On the other hand, it takes ten to thirteen years before a small dog is considered old.

Dog care is an essential part of a dog's life. If not properly attended to, the dog may acquire diseases that shorten its life. Some of these may include diabetes, liver cancer, tumors, kidney diseases, obesity, joint pains, and many dental problems. In these, it is very important that you manage your senior dog's health by attending to the necessary dog care.

Senior dog ailments may be controlled if preventive dog care is observed. Dog care routines should include vitamin supplements, nutrition checks, regular visits to the veterinarian, and a regimen of exercise.

Dog care may come in forms, including grooming. You may want to:
* get rid of fleas and ticks
* bath your pet monthly (more frequently as needed)
* feed your pet quality dog foods
* give it necessary vitamins and food supplements
* vaccinations
* trim its nails
* for some, dress your pet

Any dog care methods can be adhered to as long as they have the common aim of maintaining your dog's over-all well being.

When your concern is an infestation of fleas, it is not always recommended that you employ the use of powders or sprays. Flea combs work well in eliminating the fleas on your dog, not to mention the enjoyment your dog gets from being brushed.

However, there is a popular medication available, which your veterinarian may recommend. This is called Program. Another important way to get rid of these pests is to keep your home clean. Vacuuming once every two days will keep fleas off your dog for many days.

Dog care applies to your yard, too. Using pesticides on your yard can prove beneficial to both you and your pet. Pesticides like malathion and duisban come in liquid form and can be used to reduce the number of fleas in your home.

Regular care reduces the chance that your dog will get a fatal disease, like heartworms. Heartworms are deadly to your dog. It is important to have your dog checked by your vet at least yearly. Your vet can prescribe the proper medicines to keep your dog from getting sick. Regular vaccinations significantly improve a dog's health.

Keep an eye on your dog's diet, as well. Many generic foods and foods you buy in the grocery store contain ingredients harmful to your dog's health. To ensure your dog's health, give it a food that has been scientifically formulated.