Goal Setting for Kids
Image You know setting goals is helpful in your life. But what about your kids?

Goal setting for kids is not an unattainable concept. It should happen both in schools and at home, as it helps children to develop self-esteem. If necessary, you should sit down with your children and help them set goals. Tell them that if they have a life without goals they will have a life without direction. Goals can give them the all-important power to find their own solutions to everyday problems.

The children should be encouraged to set goals in the different areas of their lives. These should include:

1. Academic/Career. Children can be encouraged to seek higher grades in their studies and to participate in sports. They should be asked to set higher goals in the fields where they show potential to excel.

2. Personal. The importance of character development should be explained, and personal growth and appearance. They should be advised to adopt the best practices in life.

3. Health. They must be taught the value of exercise and a balanced diet, and be encouraged to set goals to improve their fitness level.

4. Community. You should instill a sense of social responsibility in your children by encouraging them to take on volunteer work.

5. Financial. Setting goals in this field helps your children to understand the value of money and the importance of spending it wisely.

6. Friends. Your children need to understand the influence of the company that they keep. Help them develop goals so that they always choose their friends wisely.

7. Household needs. Encourage your children to participate in the running of the house and it will make them good householders one day. Goals should be set for managing the daily chores and making positive contributions to the work around the house.

8. Recreation. Finally, make sure that your child does not grow up before his or her time. Goals should cover things like parties, movies and hobbies as well as the serious stuff.

You must remember, however, that goals can become counter-productive if they are imposed upon children without their cooperation. Goals should be woven into their lives.