Gourmet Foods
Many people claim that they do not like gourmet foods; but this may be the case only because they have not tasted enough varieties. The types of gourmet foods are endless. Not only are there meats, drinks, cheeses, fruits, and deserts, but there are hundreds of kinds of all of these. Gourmet foods are a delicacy and they taste absolutely heavenly.

Whenever anyone thinks of gourmet foods, the first thing that often comes to mind is cheese. If you are in the market for cheese, remember that gourmet cheese is not like American or Cheddar cheese. For example, Agour Ossau-Iraty is a cheese made in Poland from sheep's milk. 34 Degrees Australian marinated feta is produced in Israel and is made from the milk of sheep and goats, with spices added. It is difficult to pick out one cheese with this many types available to try. If it is possible for you to do so, smell the cheese before you buy it. Especially if you are in France, buy what smells good to you.

One of the best tasting and most popular categories of gourmet foods is deserts and sweets. Favorites include cakes, candies, cookies, and chocolate. Varieties of cakes are sponge cakes, cheesecakes, and chocolate, lemon, and raspberry cakes. Gourmet cookies can be plain or decorated, and come in a variety of flavors. Toppings, such as syrup, honey, creams, jellies, jams, and spreads, are another gourmet favorite. While any of these can be made at home or bought at the grocery store, the delightful texture and taste of the gourmet desert versions are to die for.

Another well known gourmet food is exotic tasting coffee and tea. Whether you want loose tea or tea bags, ground coffee or whole beans, hot chocolate or a chilly frappuccino, there is a gourmet drink out there for you. These drinks can give you the extra energy you need to stay awake, warm you up on a winter's day, or be just the right complement to an excellent meal. What better for going with coffee than biscotti? These are good by themselves, or dipped in coffee, tea, cappuccino, milk, or wine. Biscotti come in all sorts of flavors, like hazelnut, chocolate, gingerbread, and many others.

If you like gourmet food and are one of those people who can't live without your meat, there are still lots of options out there. That's right # there is such a thing as gourmet meat. You can get Angus beef strip steaks, caviar, escargot, hot salami, free-range turkey, pheasant, Danish brown sugar slab bacon, and many more.

Gourmet food is great no matter what the occasion. The holiday season is an excellent time to try new gourmet foods, or even give them as a gift. They can be purchased in a gourmet food store, through a catalogue, or even online. Once you have tried gourmet food, the taste will have you hooked.